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To Do on Arrival

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Annwn's List

To Do on Arrival

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Just like the main rules, the things listed in this post are definitely important too.

1. You have to have a character journal. Reasons?
- You have to keep an updated list of what items and charms you have, preferably separated so we can tell what's what, otherwise you do not have them (though you'll always have the collar). Please link this entry in your profile so it doesn't get lost under call posts.

- This journal will constitute your character's cell phone.

2. Please make sure to leave a post in your character journal that is called 'voicemail inbox'. (Please date it out of order so it stays on top.) This way when someone posts a specific message just for you in their character journal, they can leave you a comment saying there you have one in case you aren't watching their journal.

- You can lock posts for your 'calls' between certain characters. you do not actually lock the entry, mind, you just put in the header "Locked to (character name goes here)" and you could also make it exclude only certain people like so: "Locked against (character name)". People not the characters listed as included, or those excluded, would not be able to join your thread.

- You could also post a call to the entire system. This means that any and everyone interested will be able to come to the post on your journal and leave replies to your voicemail and poke into your conversation. To get this result either post "Open to all" or leave it with no header.

3. You are, essentially a normal human in powers, strengths, and abilities. There are a few exceptions, of course, though these are not exclusive but inclusive.
- You may use any natural powers you have three times a day. This includes all powers. If you use a different power in three instances, then that's it. You're done for the day. Anything more than that you have to have a charm for.

- Anything your character vitally needs to survive or be sane no longer applies. The collar on your character will keep the character in the same moment they arrived in. If you are the undead, you no longer need your necromancer, if you are an exorcist, you do not need your innocence, if you are pregnant, you shall remain exactly as pregnant at you are on arrival until you leave. See?

4. Please put at least this basic information in your character profile:
(all of the items below are for the character)
Series/Background: (Originals would use background, fandom deviants would too, they just make sure to mention what series they deviate from)
Items: (either the list itself or the link to the post for it)

5. And lastly, please unhide any messenger information so you can be contacted by other players.

On a side note, the Friend Add List for the journals is found over here.
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