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Annwn's List

Charm FAQ

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What types of charms are there?

Passive ones and active ones.

How do they work?

Passive charms tend to work as long as you wear them.

Active charms do a certain thing, and that's all they do, fading away once their time is up.

Can I seperate the times listed with active charms out into more than one session?

No, unfortunately not. You can turn the charm on and off for the duration of the timeframe listed, but once that time is complete, even if you only used it once when you first turned it on, the charm will vanish for the day, so use them wisely.

Why did my charm vanish?

That just means that you hit the limit of the ability of the charm, and thus it was used up for the day.

Will I get it back?

You should come morning.

Can I add more?

You only have six places to put charms on your collar, the seventh charm, a silver note in the middle, can't be removed. If you try to put on more than one charm per notch, they just won't go on.

Why do I have a bracelet?

The bracelet you have is where you can put all charms that don't fit on your collar. They won't be usable that way, but you'll have them with you.

Can charms give me powers I don't normally have?

Yes, each charm does something very specific.

Can someone give me charms?

Yes. If they hand you charms, then they're now yours.

Can I steal charms from someone else?

Of course! Though not without consequence. If you remove charms from a person, both the charms you stole, and an equal number of your own charms, will vanish. Trying to put them back won't stop the process, and those particular charms will not reappear, ever. Also, if you do not have any charms, any you do get will vanish until the amount you tried to steal has been accounted for.

However, they only count as stolen if the person was wearing them, be that on collar or bracelet. If they put them down somewhere, then they weren't actually in their possession anymore, and thus, they will remain in possession of whoever picked them up.

Who can take my charms off me?

Only you can take charms off. If someone else tries to, even with your permission, then they will react as if being stolen.

Can someone else put charms on me?

Yes, and those charms are now considered yours.

How do door charms work?

You have to be wearing your charm on the collar, as with other charms, and it will be a passive one at that point, active so long as you have it on that way.

Where can I find the charm list?

If you missed it moving around this journal, the list we have posted is over here.

Does the collar or bracelet do anything other than hold charms?

Yes actually. The collar will give you a small jolt if you try to go somewhere you aren't supposed to be. If you persist, it will knock you out and you will wake back in your room. Other than that, no, the collar does not do anything. You cannot, however, take it off.
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