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Breakfast- 4am- main
You will be teleported to the Breakfast nook. As is.

Brunch- 8 am
Held in the breakfast nook.

Lunch- Noon- main
You will be teleported to the Lunch Bar near the kitchen.

Supper- 5 pm
Held in the Dining Room.

Dinner- 9 pm- main
You will be teleported to the the Dining Room.

Snack- midnight
Held in the Tea Room.

You can get tea in the Tea Room at almost any point during the day, and between noon and 5 pm there will be snacks in there as well.

Also, those meals where teleportation are marked will send you along to them with whatever you have on you. This includes being nude for those of you sleeping in the buff, though you'll get your blanket if you are.

There will be three real life days between meal posts.

If you're in a thread for the timeframe of a meal, try to move the thread to the new floor post for it, since from that meal until the next will be for that block of time.
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