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Annwn's List

Where all the details rest.

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Annwn's List


April 10th, 2007


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Breakfast- 4am- main
You will be teleported to the Breakfast nook. As is.

Brunch- 8 am
Held in the breakfast nook.

Lunch- Noon- main
You will be teleported to the Lunch Bar near the kitchen.

Supper- 5 pm
Held in the Dining Room.

Dinner- 9 pm- main
You will be teleported to the the Dining Room.

Snack- midnight
Held in the Tea Room.

You can get tea in the Tea Room at almost any point during the day, and between noon and 5 pm there will be snacks in there as well.

Also, those meals where teleportation are marked will send you along to them with whatever you have on you. This includes being nude for those of you sleeping in the buff, though you'll get your blanket if you are.

There will be three real life days between meal posts.

If you're in a thread for the timeframe of a meal, try to move the thread to the new floor post for it, since from that meal until the next will be for that block of time.

March 12th, 2007

The who where list.

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Okay guys, those of you who picked bedrooms, let us know which is yours over here and tell us the name.

First Floor

1- Ruby Room: Sydney Losstarot
2- Garnet Room: Adelbert Steiner
5- Gem Room: Zack Fair
6- Jasper Room: Johnny Scourge
7- Peridot Room: Puck/Owen Burnett
11- Bamboo Room: Pan Bookman
13- Emerald Room: Hokuto Sumeragi
14- Onyx Room: Allen Walker (AU)

Second Floor

22- Viridian Room: Ailynn Telcontar
23- Sapphire Room: Cloud Strife
26- Topaz Room: Reno
34- Pearl Room: Sora Valentine
35 - Fire Agate room: Rabi
36- Lavender Room: Isabella Yamamoto

Third Floor

59- Indigo Room: Hisoka Kurosaki
65- Spinnel Room: Yuffie Kisaragi
72- Rose Room: Kanda Yuu (AU)

March 4th, 2007


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Ball room-Gold
Billiard Room-Silver
Entertainment (electronic) room-Bronze
Family room-Enameled Red
Antique Room-Enameled Blue
Practice area-Enameled Green
Art Room-Enameled Yellow
Attic-Black glass
Basement-Red glass
Pool-Blue glass
Porch-Clear glass
Balconies-Green glass

Cellar-Red glass

Wine Cellar-Gold glass

Forge- Steel





            Projective- Blue Glass

            Receptive- Green Glass

            Both- Red Glass


            Projective- Blue Enamel

            Receptive- Green Enamel

            Both- Red Enamel



Eyes-Active(last for one hour)

Seeing in the dark-Gold

Seeing through a wall-Clear glass

Seeing heat-Red enamel

Never blinded-White enamel





            Understand-Gold and glass

            Speak-Silver and glass

            Both-Clear glass


            Understand-Gold and red

            Speak-Silver and red




Unicorn-Active(one use)

Healing Self-White enamel

Healing Others-Black enamel



Skull and Crossbones-Active(one use)

Cure Poisons-Black



Birds-Active(last for one hour)

Growing Wings-White

Flight w/o wings-Black



Hats-Active(good for one hour)

Magic-various colors and shapes

Contact a mod to discuss what specific magic your charm does



Starfish-Active(good for one hour)

Breathing underwater-Gold

Seeing underwater-Silver

Webbed fingers and toes/fins-Bronze

All three-Blue glass



Crabs-Active(good for half an hour)




Anchors-Active(good for one hour)

Phasing through inanimate-Clear glass

Phasing through living things-Red glass

Both-Black glass



Deer-Active(good for one hour)

Faster than normal-Gold



Lily Wreath-Active(good for one hour)

Control plant life-Green enamal

Control earth-Bronze



Masks-Active(good for one hour)

Animal-Blue enamel

Human-Red enamel


All three-Gold and Silver



Fairies-Active(good for one hour)

Control of indoor creatures

            Water based-Blue enamel

            Air based-Gold enamel

            Earth based-Green enamel

            Fire based-Red enamel

Control of indoor animated objects-Wood



Snakes-Active(good for one hour)

Control of outdoor animated objects-Copper

Control of outdoor creatures

            Water based-Blue glass

            Air based-Gold glass

            Earth based-Green glass

            Fire based-Red glass


Charm FAQ

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What types of charms are there?

Passive ones and active ones.

How do they work?

Passive charms tend to work as long as you wear them.

Active charms do a certain thing, and that's all they do, fading away once their time is up.

Can I seperate the times listed with active charms out into more than one session?

No, unfortunately not. You can turn the charm on and off for the duration of the timeframe listed, but once that time is complete, even if you only used it once when you first turned it on, the charm will vanish for the day, so use them wisely.

Why did my charm vanish?

That just means that you hit the limit of the ability of the charm, and thus it was used up for the day.

Will I get it back?

You should come morning.

Can I add more?

You only have six places to put charms on your collar, the seventh charm, a silver note in the middle, can't be removed. If you try to put on more than one charm per notch, they just won't go on.

Why do I have a bracelet?

The bracelet you have is where you can put all charms that don't fit on your collar. They won't be usable that way, but you'll have them with you.

Can charms give me powers I don't normally have?

Yes, each charm does something very specific.

Can someone give me charms?

Yes. If they hand you charms, then they're now yours.

Can I steal charms from someone else?

Of course! Though not without consequence. If you remove charms from a person, both the charms you stole, and an equal number of your own charms, will vanish. Trying to put them back won't stop the process, and those particular charms will not reappear, ever. Also, if you do not have any charms, any you do get will vanish until the amount you tried to steal has been accounted for.

However, they only count as stolen if the person was wearing them, be that on collar or bracelet. If they put them down somewhere, then they weren't actually in their possession anymore, and thus, they will remain in possession of whoever picked them up.

Who can take my charms off me?

Only you can take charms off. If someone else tries to, even with your permission, then they will react as if being stolen.

Can someone else put charms on me?

Yes, and those charms are now considered yours.

How do door charms work?

You have to be wearing your charm on the collar, as with other charms, and it will be a passive one at that point, active so long as you have it on that way.

Where can I find the charm list?

If you missed it moving around this journal, the list we have posted is over here.

Does the collar or bracelet do anything other than hold charms?

Yes actually. The collar will give you a small jolt if you try to go somewhere you aren't supposed to be. If you persist, it will knock you out and you will wake back in your room. Other than that, no, the collar does not do anything. You cannot, however, take it off.

March 2nd, 2007

To Do on Arrival

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Just like the main rules, the things listed in this post are definitely important too.

1. You have to have a character journal. Reasons?
- You have to keep an updated list of what items and charms you have, preferably separated so we can tell what's what, otherwise you do not have them (though you'll always have the collar). Please link this entry in your profile so it doesn't get lost under call posts.

- This journal will constitute your character's cell phone.

2. Please make sure to leave a post in your character journal that is called 'voicemail inbox'. (Please date it out of order so it stays on top.) This way when someone posts a specific message just for you in their character journal, they can leave you a comment saying there you have one in case you aren't watching their journal.

- You can lock posts for your 'calls' between certain characters. you do not actually lock the entry, mind, you just put in the header "Locked to (character name goes here)" and you could also make it exclude only certain people like so: "Locked against (character name)". People not the characters listed as included, or those excluded, would not be able to join your thread.

- You could also post a call to the entire system. This means that any and everyone interested will be able to come to the post on your journal and leave replies to your voicemail and poke into your conversation. To get this result either post "Open to all" or leave it with no header.

3. You are, essentially a normal human in powers, strengths, and abilities. There are a few exceptions, of course, though these are not exclusive but inclusive.
- You may use any natural powers you have three times a day. This includes all powers. If you use a different power in three instances, then that's it. You're done for the day. Anything more than that you have to have a charm for.

- Anything your character vitally needs to survive or be sane no longer applies. The collar on your character will keep the character in the same moment they arrived in. If you are the undead, you no longer need your necromancer, if you are an exorcist, you do not need your innocence, if you are pregnant, you shall remain exactly as pregnant at you are on arrival until you leave. See?

4. Please put at least this basic information in your character profile:
(all of the items below are for the character)
Series/Background: (Originals would use background, fandom deviants would too, they just make sure to mention what series they deviate from)
Items: (either the list itself or the link to the post for it)

5. And lastly, please unhide any messenger information so you can be contacted by other players.

On a side note, the Friend Add List for the journals is found over here.

February 27th, 2007


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Underground of House Map

First Floor House Map

Second Floor House Map

Third Floor/Attic House Map

Rooms with numbers are bedrooms, there is a tiny hook on the door where you can hang a sign if you like. All the rooms have names, though we haven't actually come up with them. The number is purely ooc information so you guys can have something to keep track by.

Bedrooms have a bed (likely a queen), couch, open sitting area, walk in closet, dresser, full length personal mirror, and in the rooms marked such, a personal bathroom. Personal bathrooms, in difference to shared ones, only have a shower, not a bathtub.

Grounds Map

The Stables, Pool, Forge, and Gazeebo all need key charms to be accessible.

February 26th, 2007


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Player Information




Messenger name: (AIM, Yahoo, MSN)

Time Zone/Country:

Character Information


Series: (If original put original. If from a series of some kind put the series name here and which version thereof.)


Physical description: (gender, height, eye/hair color, any unusual features, you can also link a picture, but text information is required)

Personality: (Tell us what your character is like here)

Powers: (What powers/skills does your character have?)

Sample post: (You put a prose third person example of you playing the character here.)

Items on arrival: (You list any clothes or personal possessions your character is arriving with here. If you don't list it, you don't have it. Please keep in mind though, you will not get to keep any weapons, and enchantments on any items you do still have no longer apply)

Application Guide

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1. We have a simple method of allowing people to apply for characters. When you first join the community, we will allow you to bring in three characters.

- If you cannot seem to handle them, we will be asking you to drop your least active character until you're at a level where you're active enough or you have only one.

- If you can handle all three however, after a month since you last applied for a character, you will be allowed to apply for a new one. However, the statement above still applies to you if you seem unable to handle the new workload you made for yourself.

2. This is not a fandom only game! You can bring in characters from a canon source, certainly, but we will also be accepting reasonable original characters, and characters that are from a fandom source. However, all parts of the application must match! You cannot have one personality type listed, and have another set of reactions in your sample post, that will not get your character accepted.

3. If a character is already taken, you can get permission to play a different version of the character from the player. You can ask the GMs to do this for you, or you can do it yourself, but if you have permission then we will allow more than one of the same character to go to different players. Please note, the character must be of a different medium! Such as: Someone is playing an anime version of a character. You would like to play that character as well and they give you permission, yours however, must be a manga, book, movie, or a fandom creation, as we alrealy have an anime one.

4. You can only apply for the same character three times total (this does not mean you can have the same character three times, as you can only have one of any given character). If for some reason you get turned away for it, you can come talk to the DMs, but we make no promises that we will change this decision.

5. If you are 15 years of age or younger, we will ask that you give us some kind of notice that your parents are aware you're playing as to avoid any possible issues.

6. Send applications to aillenmods@gmail.com

Please be sure to put the character name and the word 'Application' in the subject line of the e-mail.

7. Copy and paste the entire application, filled, into the body of the e-mail. You can also send this as an attached .txt file, but please keep the questions on the application.

8. Incomplete or applications filled in the wrong way will be declined.

9. And last, yet not least, you must wait at least 24 hours between applications. The only exception to this is when you first apply to enter the game, at that time you can apply for up to all three at once. This will be allowed at no other point.

Good luck!
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